Harvest Hootenanny

Admission and Donations

The Event
Admission and Donations

Regular admission to Harvest Hootenanny is $20 per person plus 1 can food item for donation to the Food Bank. 

Don't have $20?  Check out the donation list below for Inn From the Cold and CWRS to find out how you can get into Harvest Hootenanny for free!

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Donations List:

$5 off Harvest Hootenanny admission per food item:


-       Sugar Snap Peas;

-       Kitten or Puppy Food (Kibble And A/D Moist, Plain Moist);  

-       Frozen Blueberries;  

-       Frozen Vegetables (Corn Or Mixed Veggies);  

-       Evaporated Milk;  

-       Milupa Baby Cereal; 

-       Timothy Hay And Alphalfa;  

-       Bird Seed;  

-       Black Oil Sunflower Seed;  Millet


$5 off Harvest Hootenanny admission per cleaning supply:

Cleaning Supplies (No Products Ending In "Sol" Ie: Lysol);  

-       Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency Liquid Or Powder);  

-       Bleach;  

-       Paper Towel, Kleenex, Toilet Paper;  

-       Mops/Buckets/Brooms;  

-       Rubber Gloves (Dishwashing and Examination Gloves All Sizes);  

-       Squeegees;  

-       Dish Soap (Dawn used on animals to degrease and for cleaning dishes!)


Free admission to Harvest Hootenanny with donation of Habitat Materials:

Habitat Materials:  

-       Plastic Kiddy Pools;  

-       "Daisy" Mats For Waterfowl Pen;  

-       Large Rubber Storage Containers;  

-       Artificial Christmas Trees/Parts;  

-       Towels And Large Blankets;  

-       Large Rubber Water Basins;  

-       Heat Lamps And Heat Bulbs;  

-       Indoor/Outdoor Carpet (New);  

-       Click Together Mats (Foam);  

-       Lumber : 1x2, 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 4x6 and Plywood (Used For Caging);  

-       Wire Hardware Cloth;  

-       Chain Link Fence and Accessories;   

-       Power Tools (inquire at centre to what is required);  

-       Siding and Soffit (new or used from previous construction projects);  

-       Electrical Supplies & Wiring Supplies;  

-       Cement;  

-       Outside Extension Cords;  

-       Power Washer;  

-       Rakes;  

-       Shovels


Free admission to Harvest Hootenanny with donation of Wildlife Supplies, Equipment, and Gear:

Wildlife Supplies, Equipment and Gear:  

-       Extension Ladders;  

-       Wheel Barrel or Wagon;  

-       Storage Bins;  

-       Insulated Coveralls / Overalls (All Sizes);  

-       Medical Scrubs (Sizes S, M, L, Xl);  

-       Winter Work Gloves;  

-       Rubber Boots (Various Sizes);  

-       Leather Gardening Gloves or Welding Gloves;    

-       Insulated Rubber Hoses (100ft Length Or Larger, New Or Used In Good Condition);  

-       Hose Repair Kit;  

-       Rechargeable Batteries (All Sizes) With Charger; 

-       Fishing Nets (Various Sizes)








Inn From the Cold Donations List:

$5 off Harvest Hootenanny admission per Winter Care Items, Clothing, and Gifts:

Gloves or mittens;

-       Hats; scarves; 

-       Hot Shots  (hand and feet warmers); 

-       Warm socks;

-       Small purses or wallets;

-       Travel Mugs;

-       Art Supplies;

-       Wrist Watches


Free admission to Harvest Hootenanny with donation of Winter Care Items:

-       Thermal long underwear for men, women and children; 

-       Boots (winter and work);  

-       New clothes for men, women, teens, children and babies

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Harvest Hootenanny - Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Unitarian Church of Calgary
1703 1st Street, NW
Calgary, Alberta